Announcement / 27 Oct, 2017
UN Climate Change Launches New COP23 Website

Welcome to the New-Look COP23 Web Site.

Hello and welcome to our new front pages just in time for 2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

We would like to thank the German Government for their voluntary funding and support in making this more dynamic newsroom and COP23 information site possible.

The relaunch is part of a much wider upgrade of the UN Climate Change secretariat’s web presence that we are working on.

Over the coming months, after COP23, we plan to retire the old, now very antiquated, ‘white pages’ and move to a new, 21st century system with modern features and better accessibility.

We would like to thank especially the Government of Norway and the European Union for their voluntary support for the wider initiative.

We hope you like the new COP23 front as a taster for even bigger and better enhancements to come.