Article / 26 Feb, 2018
Standing Committee on Finance Seeks Information on Financial Flows

The Standing Committee on Finance – the body that assists governments who meet at UN Climate Change Conferences on climate finance matters – is preparing the third global report titled “2018 biennial assessment and overview of climate finance flows”.

Such finance is crucial to help developed and developing countries green their economies and build resilience to the inevitable impacts of climate change, which include more storms, droughts and floods.

This report will, among other things, present estimates of climate finance flows from developed to developing countries, as well as other information that constitute global total climate finance flows.

It will consider the implications of these flows and emergent trends relevant to the objectives of UN Climate Change, including the goal of making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development set out in the Paris Agreement.

The Committee has issued a Call for Evidence for information on:

  • Methodological issues relating to measurement, reporting, and verification of climate finance;
  • Data on public and private climate finance flows, as well as information on available datasets that integrate climate change considerations into insurance, lending and investment decision-making processes and that include information relevant to tracking consistency with the long-term goal outlined in the Paris Agreement; and
  • Assessment of climate finance flows.

The Call for Evidence can be viewed here

Information and data should be submitted by 15 March 2018 via email to:

Information about the Standing Committee can be viewed here