How to find conference documents

Finding documents on the website

Entering in the browser address bar will take you to the new COP 23 website. At the top of that page is a UNFCCC Process button; clicking on it will take you to the Meetings page on the older website. From there, the in-session documentation pages (where e.g. drafts of conclusions and decisions will be posted) for any of the bodies are just one click away – see the red frame in the screenshot below:

Once on an in-session documentation page for one body, it is easy to switch to a page for another body.

Bookmarking one of those pages, e.g. the COP one, is another way to quickly access all in-session documents. The content on the in-session pages is updated regularly; it is therefore advisable to visit the pages frequently.

A tweet is sent out when a new official document or a relevant new version of a draft text is posted to the website. The account is called In-session documents; the handle is @UNFCCCDocuments. The Negotiator app links to this Twitter feed and features an official document feed as well.

Click here to download the iOS version and here to download the Android version

Furthermore, posters with QR codes with links to these and other relevant pages have been put up across the venue. Download a QR code scanning app to a smartphone or tablet and scan the appropriate code to quickly access that page on the device.

The secretariat is making efforts to transfer all content to the new website, which should hopefully further improve online access to documentation starting next year.

Finding documents at the documents counter

The secretariat employs a paper-light approach to document distribution. To minimize the environmental footprint of the conference, participants are encouraged to rely on digital versions of documents, which, as described above, can be obtained in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, a paper copy of any official document, pre-session or in-session, can be obtained at the Documents Counter, which is located in the WCCB, in Bula Zone 1. See the map below (labeled as Documents Distribution):

In-session official documents (L. documents) will be distributed at the counter once available in all language versions (the simultaneous distribution rule is respected). Exceptions to the rule will be made in rare cases, when unavoidable.